Woops... Total Communications Infrastructure (TCI) slips

Submitted by Marco on 24 April, 2006 - 18:31

Total Communications Infrastructure (TCI) Stock Price Chart

Total Communications Infrastructure (TCI) is the loser for week 16 of 2006. The share price for this stock fell 19% during the week falling to $1.13. The reason? A market update on revenue slippage. Total Communications (TCI) "provides services to wireless communications carriers covering property acquisition, planning approvals, design, construction, installation & commissioning and ongoing maintenance." Anyway, I would never had bought this stock. Actually, in hindsight, I should've shorted it (if I could). the chart looks similar to the Multiplex (MXG) graph - remember when that fell? It was on a slight downtrend, then BOOM, it fell. Just like this stock's price chart. Also a pressure point was created - have a look at the chart in the final week before the big red candlestick. You can draw a trianlge to symbolise a classic pressure point in the share price. Have a look at your charts!