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Wintech Group (WTG) is a diversified telecommunications company specialising in telecommunications and the Internet. The company is also an investor. As an emerging company in the New Economy, WinTech Group is aiming to become a "Next-Generation Infocommunications Service Provider". In this space, they will be providing all their clients with the latest and most cost effective array of communications services. As the business stabilized with new funds and new business investments focusing on the New Economy, they are once again transforming themselves into a next generation infocommunications company catering to the high growth sector of data and voice transfer. Investors can trade Wintech shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). WTG was listed on the Australian stock market in 5 November, 1987.

They view this service as the backbone of how future businesses will be transacted, despite the increasing competition in the field. There is no doubt that supply will be pacing demand as Internet traffic explodes. Through competition, incumbent operators will be seeking more value added services to complement their existing portfolio of products, some of which would have to be offered at a fraction of previous cost.

And WinTech Group too will be looking out for new technology and value added services to provide to all their customers, who range from consumers to corporations to carriers themselves. They believe that through good customer service, innovative marketing and a sound revenue model, they will be able to expand aggressively - though not recklessly. The company is focused on niche market segments by offering an array of customizable business specialization services to complete their communication needs. In all, their customers will enjoy end-to-end, local-global-local connectivity, a key asset instrumental in putting WinTech Group at the forefront of infocommunications services.

Wintech Group (WTG) Products and Services

  • Importation and wholesale distribution of computers, computer parts and accessories

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Wintech Group Head Office
Level 9, 552 Lonsdale Street,
Phone: (03) 9417 6525
Fax: (03) 9417 4950

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