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Willmott Forests (WFL) is a vertically integrated softwood forestry company primarily focused on the plantation, management, harvesting, processing, supply and replanting of softwood resource for a commercial benefit in a sustainable manner. The Company markets Woodlot and timberlot investment projects to the public and identifies and acquires land for plantation establishment. WFL also engages in the production of a broad range of landscape and structural timber products from its softwood processing operations. WFL’s research and development activities focus on producing ethanol from lignocelluloses material. Willmott Forests listed on the ASX on 20th December, 2000 and it has a workforce of more than 140 people.

The Company manages over 47,000 hectares of Radiata pine, Silky Oak (Grevillea) and She-oak (Casuarina) plantations that range from new plantings to mature trees. WFL undertakes its plantation operations in several regions. Its softwood plantation operations occur in south east NSW mainly in the Bombala and Murray Valley regions; and in the key softwood growing regions of Victoria. WFL undertakes its She-oak and Silky Oak operations in the northern NSW region. On May 19, 2008, the Company announced that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Dongwha Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, a wood materials manufacturing company. In April 2008, WFL completed the acquisition of BioEnergy Australia Limited.

WFL is one of the Australia’s largest developers of newly established softwood pine plantations. Throughout the company has maintained its repute as a leading quality-endorsed forestry company involved in the establishment and provision of ongoing plantation management of a number of species.

Willmott Forests History

The Company was created by Hector Willmott in 1979 and it has been engaged in forest management business since 1980. In September 1999 the Company underwent restructuring process to become a Single Responsible Entity under the Managed Investments Act and was renamed to Willmott Forests Limited. In 2000 the Company floated on the Australian Stock Exchange. In 2003, WFL completed the acquisition of a processing facility to produce timber products branded as the Prime Pine.

Willmott Forests (WFL) Products and Services

  • Plants, manages, harvests, processes, supplies and replants softwood

Willmott Forests (WFL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Willmott Forests Head Office
249 Park Street, South Melbourne
VIC, Australia, 3205
Phone: 61 3 9696 1355
Fax: 61 3 9696 5567
Email: info@willmottforests.com.au

Other Willmott Forests Details

Willmott Forests Year Established: 1979
ACN: 063 263 650
D-U-N-S: 751785148
ABN: 17063263650
Previous Company Names: Timber Capital Limited

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