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WHL Energy (WHN) is an Australian publicly-listed company focused on developing and commercializing energy assets including wind energy, solar, biomass and clean fossil fuels. Investors can trade WHL Energy shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The company's previous name was Wind Energy Limited.

The Company's major wind-power project incorporates its hydrogen balancing technology. In conjunction with wind energy, hydrogen produced using off-peak wind-generated electricity can be stored and combusted later when energy demand and prices are higher. WHL is well placed to take a leading role in the further development of wind energy and the hydrogen economy.

The Company is actively pursuing a regional expansion strategy in Latin America and China, in addition to the UK and Australia. WHL's stated policy is to reduce project development risk by de-risking its projects and expanding into geographical regions and complementary energy sources where Company value can be added quickly.

WHL will continue to evaluate global investment opportunities in the energy sector corresponding to its corporate objective to grow a valuable portfolio of energy assets.

WHL's Ladymoor Renewable Energy Project (LREP) in Ayrshire, Scotland, will be the first of its kind. It will consist of the 48MW Wings Law Wind Farm and a hydrogen plant known as the Lochshore Hydrogen Balancing Plant. The company has already completed detailed designs for the project.

Whl Energy (WHN) Products and Services

  • Wind Farm Development and Hydrogen Balancing

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Whl Energy Head Office
Level 11, 37 Bligh Street,
Phone: (02) 9232 5444
Fax: (02) 9232 6826

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