What's the Difference Between a Stockmarket, Sharemarket and Bourse?

Submitted by Share Trading on 25 June, 2008 - 22:29

Learn the difference between a stockmarket, sharemarket and bourse.

So what is the difference between a stockmarket, sharemarket and a bourse? Nothing! (With the exception of different laws, rules and regulations) They all mean the same thing - a stock exchange where publicly listed companies are traded. It's like saying "faucet" in USA and "tap" in Australia or "catsup" in USA and "tomato sauce" in Australia but not like saying "fanny" - which has a different meaning in USA from Australia. "Stockmarket" is a term generally used everywhere including the USA. Americans refer to owning "stocks", while Australians refer to owning "shares" of a company. Hence Australians call their stock exchange their sharemarket. Bourse is a French word meaning stockmarket and is a term used to describe any European stockmarket. The word itself is used most often in France and Belgium while in Italy their market is called the borsa in Italy and in Germany the borse.

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