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Vocus Communications (VOC), formerly First Opportunity Fund Limited, operates voice and data networks stretching across the globe. It has two products: Data products and Voice products. Data products include Internet protocol transit, international Ethernet and international SDH. Voice products include CTS (call termination Service), number allocation, number portability, E1 and IP access and carrier interconnect. Its subsidiaries include Vocus Group Limited, Vocus Pty Limited and Vocus Connect Pty Limited. VOC was listed on the Australian stock market in 10 June, 1999. Investors can buy and sell Vocus Communications shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Vocus owns and operates independent voice and data networks stretching across the globe. They have the ability to offer services with the control you would expect of a network service provider. Having purchased services in the Industry for over 20 years, they know the type of company you want to deal with and that is what they strive to deliver. The Team has extensive experience owning, operating, designing and building carrier networks. They have commissioned E1 capacity to the USA before de-regulation, negotiated multiple bi-lateral PSTN SS7 Voice interconnects, commissioned optical SDH capacity on undersea cables and built data centres.

Vocus Communications (VOC) Products and Services

  • Operates voice and data networks

Vocus Communications (VOC) Locations and Subsidiaries

Vocus Communications Head Office
Level 1, Vocus House, 189 Miller Street,
Phone: (02) 8999 8999
Fax: (02) 9959 4348

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