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Vietnam Industrial Investments (VII) holds investments in four Vietnamese industrial companies that produce construction products: Ausnam (68% ownership) manufactures steel roofing and wall cladding; SSESteel (100%) produces steel construction beams, rods and pipes; Vinausteel (70%) manufactures steel reinforcing bars for use in concrete construction; and VRC Weldmesh (100%) produces steel mesh for use as concrete reinforcing and steel wire fencing. VII shares are traded on the Australian stock market.

VII was created in 1995 and listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 18 September, 1995. Following the initial capital raising the company invested in Austnam steel roofing. Through the initial success of Austnam the company has developed three additional steel operations without raising additional capital. VII differs from other investment companies in that it's holdings are restricted to Vietnamese steel manufacturers. The company is focussed on investing in Vietnamese industry but is looking to diversify outside the building materials sector.

Vietnam Industrial Investments provides steel products primarily for the domestic Vietnamese construction industry, for both large scale and residential construction. VII competes with various Vietnamese building products suppliers. Vinausteel Limited owns and operates a steel rolling mill, which produces round and deformed reinforcing steel bar. VRC produces welded steel mesh concrete reinforcing and steel fencing. On August 18, 2009, SSESTEEL Ltd acquired 20.51% of Dinh Vu Steel Stock Company.

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  • Investments in four Vietnamese industrial companies that produce construction products.

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Vietnam Industrial Investments Head Office
Level 5, 150 St George's Terrace, PERTH,
Phone: (08) 9322 2911
Fax: (08) 9322 2699

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