Trading Oil Using CFDs

Submitted by Share Trading on 26 March, 2008 - 07:52

Trading Oil Using CFDs
Take advantage of rising oil prices by trading oil using CFDs

Oil has risen dramatically over the recent years. Crude oil has risen from the average of about $12 per barrel of crude oil in 1998 to hitting recent highs of over $100 a barrel. Take advantage of rising oil prices by trading oil using CFDs.

Oil can be an interesting commodity to trade. Profits can be made either by holding long term contracts using futures contracts or trading oil's short term volatility by using CFDs to profit from its price action. Short term oil traders trade when oil is in the news: its when the price action is in its most active state. (If its not oil in the news: its gold – and these traders switch over to trade gold)

Trading oil in the short term is best using a CFD provider that has a provision to trade Oil through its CFD platform. Oil can be traded using the same technical analysis principles as many other charts. But also observe as with other equities, oil has its own behavioural characteristics. Fundamental characteristics like news oriented reactions such as any restrictions to the oil supply from war, damage or other governmental or institutional intervention. It may be wise to also look at the fundamentals in trading oil in the short term and in the longer near term.

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