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Financial adviser and Wall Street Week TV panelist Zweig has been fascinated by the stock market since childhood, he tells usnot industry or commerce as such, but the buying and selling of stocks to make money. He has evidently made a lot of it, and has won the confidence of readers of his financial newsletter. Zweig is more enthusiastic about the intricacies of his "technical" stock market approach than he can expect the average investor-reader to be.

For those interested in day trading and short-term trading in futures, this classic 1950 work is an indispensable reference. The 3-Day Method (a.k.a. The Book Method) described therein, maintains that markets move in a three-day cycle that can be tracked by measuring rallies and declines.

“Michael Covel’s Trend Following: Essential.” Ed Seykota, trend follower for 35 years and original Market Wizard. “A mandatory reference for anyone serious about alternative investments.” Jon Sundt, president and CEO, Altergris. “Michael Covel does an excellent job of educating his readers about the little-known opportunities available to them through one of the proven best hedge fund strategies.

How do some of the world's most successful traders amass millions of dollars in a year—or sometimes in hours? Are they masters of a priceless wizardry or simply the very lucky winners in a random market lottery that allows only a few players to become fantastically wealthy? What are the secrets of their unheard-of successes? After interviewing top traders in a variety of markets, market expert Jack D. Schwager concludes that while method undoubtedly accounts largely for trading success, no one approach is used by all, or even most, of the traders interviewed.

Praise for JOHN NEFF on investing "This book offers important insights into the methods and long–term rewards of ′value′ investing. The serious investor will not want to miss this clear exposition of the successful Neff technique."–BURTON G. MALKIEL, Author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street "A must read for anyone who is serious about investing. "JOHN REED, Chairman and Co CEO, Citigroup Inc.

The bestselling holy grail of trading information-now brought completely up to date to give traders an edge in the marketplace “Sound trading advice and lots of ideas you can use to develop your own trading methodology.”-Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards

Oliver Velez, cofounder of and current CEO of Velez Capital Management, is renowned for his effective trading skills and specialized knowledge in technical analysis. His educational seminars are sought after by traders and often attended multiple times to extract every piece of wisdom from his presentations.

Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets reveals his successful methods for timing investments to produce consistently profitable results.

Topics include:
Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets (Paperback) personal philosophy on investing

  • The ideal time to buy
  • Refining the buying process
  • Knowing when to sell
  • Selling Short
  • Using the best long-term indicators to spot Bull and Bear markets

Written by Michael Sincere, the best-selling author of Understanding Stocks and other popular investing books, this down-to-earth guide employs short, concise chapters to explain what options are, the various types of options, how to trade options, how to avoid investing mistakes, beginning and advanced options strategies, and much more.

Annotation: 2009 reprint of 1960 edition. Hungarian by birth, Nicolas Darvas trained as an economist at the University of Budapest. Reluctant to remain in Hungary until either the Nazis or the Soviets took over, he fled at the age of 23 with a forged exit visa and fifty pounds sterling to stave off hunger in Istanbul, Turkey. During his off hours as a dancer, he read some 200 books on the market and the great speculators, spending as much as eight hours a day studying.

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