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Two Percent Trading Mechanics

So how do you implement your trading money management with two percent risk management strategy? In this post we will be examining two percent trading mechanics, how you use the rule and some clarifications about the rule. We will extend the rule to cover sensible stop loss levels.

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Two Percent or Die - Daytrading Risk Management

Two percent money management is very important especially when you are daytrading and actively trading the markets. Lets take a look at a tale of two traders with this table. You must apply the two percent rule with due diligence: that’s two percent or die. Examine the case study table below:

Investing in Shares

Want to take a break from share trading? Or want to extend your trading profits into a safer diversified sharemarket investment? Well here's how. The process to investing in shares is similar to trading but remember the end goals and the day to day actions are totally opposite to trading. Investing is for the long term. And in the long term the investor would be riding out the peaks and troughs: the volatility of daily, weekly and monthly market fluctuations. Being an investor means that you’ve got to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Two Percent Risk Management

Good trading is not enough to succeed in the markets. The secret to successful trading is in great money management. The skill of money management is required because the real business of trading is making money with money through controlling risk. And an integral part of great money management is a great risk management strategy. The heart of that strategy is the magic 2 percent. So why two percent?

Chinese inflation affects the Global economy. I've previously covered the issue about the problem of inflation in China in Early February this year.

Random Walk From a Trader’s Perspective

There is a book out there about "Random Walk Theory". I haven’t read anything about it but I would presume that the book would shoot down any prospect of a predictable market theorem.