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Are Research House Ratings Helpful in Investment Decisions?

In this article we will delve into the question whether research house ratings are helpful in investment decisions.

What Are Research Houses?

In the context to the financial industry, research houses are companies focused on collecting data on investment opportunities and interpreting that information to give a particular rating which can range from a positive buy to hold and negative ratings. The rating gives an indication to investors whether the investment has future growth return possibilities.

Low Probability Trading

Don’t waste your time by low probability trading. After share trading (or trading other types of markets) you'll learn that some types of trade setups tend to pay off more often while others are duds and end up playing psychology games with your mind and waste your emotional energy. One example of low probability trading is picking tops and bottoms.

Characteristics of Successful Traders

Psychology and intelligence plays an important role for successful traders. It is imperative for struggling and unsuccessful traders to overcome their weaknesses to win by trading the share market.

In terms of necessary intelligence skills, in Turtle Trading, the candidates were tested for their mathematical aptitude as well as the ability to think in terms of risk and probability. Finding an edge in the market and learning whether a trade is worth trading and risking your capital requires a little mathematical skill.

Traits of Successful Investors and Traders

Price and the Valuation of Shares

Everyone can find out the price of shares by looking at the live ticker on your stock trading charts. But the price of shares aren’t set in stone. Stock prices are always in a state of flux, moving up and down at the mercy of the constant pull and push of supply and demand between buyers and sellers. How about the valuation of shares? The value of shares depends on who is looking at the stock. It’s all about perspective: where there is a buyer, there is always a seller and a trade is made when an agreement in price is completed.

Money Management Trading Skills

There are a lot of skills involved in trading shares and other securities. Money management trading skills are more important than knowing which stocks to pick and knowing the best time to exit your trade. Money management is also known as risk management, it’s all about preserving your capital and your risk appetite. Many people focus on looking at charts and creating systems in picking stocks and exiting stocks but ignore the important risk dimension to their trading.

How a Stockbroker Works for You

What is the exact role of the broker when it comes to buying and selling your shares on the sharemarket. How can a broker help you decide which shares to buy and sell? Once you have placed a trade with your broker either by telephone or online, what happens now? What happens to your shares and what role does your broker play?

Decide What You Want From Your Stockbroker

How to Buy & Sell Shares

Whether you phone through your orders or do it online, being part of the sharemarket and buying and selling shares has never been easier. So you want to invest in the sharemarket and take a slice of what you hope will be some serious profits? Firstly, consider why you’re investing and take a look at your long-term financial goals. Are you investing for capital growth, income or a combination of both? What are your spending commitments? What can you afford to spend initially and then on an ongoing basis? What is your investment time frame – 5, 10, 20 years?