Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master

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Trader Vic Methods of a Wall Street Master Investment strategies from the man Barron’s calls "The Ultimate Wall Street Pro" "Victor Sperandeo is gifted with one of the finest minds I know. No wonder he’s compiled such an amazing record of success as a money manager. Every investor can benefit from the wisdom he offers in his new book. Don’t miss it!" Paul Tudor Jones Tudor Investment Corporation "Here’s a simple review in three steps: 1. Buy this book! 2. Read this book! 3. See step 2. For those who can’t take a hint, Victor Sperandeo with T. Sullivan Brown has written a gem, a book of value for everyone in the markets, whether egghead, novice or seasoned speculator. " John Sweeney Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities "Get Trader Vic-Methods of a Wall Street Master by Victor Sperandeo, read it over and over and you’ll never have a losing year again." Yale Hirsch Smart Money "I have followed Victor Sperandeo’s advice for ten years, and the results have been outstanding. This book is a must for any serious investor. " James J. Hayes, Vice President, Investments Prudential Securities Inc.

Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master covers all the important aspects of making money and integrates them into a unifying philosophy that includes economics, Federal Reserve policy, trading methods, risk, psychology, and more. It’s a philosophy everyone should understand." T. Boone Pickens, General Partner Mesa Limited Partnership "This book gave me a wealth of new insights into trading. Whether you’re a short-term trader or a long-term investor, you will improve your performance by following Sperandeo’s precepts." Louis I. Margolis Managing Director, Salomon Brothers, Inc.

Positive Review of Book: Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master

How could this book ever be outdated? So he gives some examples of markets in the mid-90's, and talks about trading S&P futures back when they were 500 bucks a point and moved much less than they do now. SO WHAT. To get hung up on that is to blindly miss the big picture. It's like criticizing Shakespeare for being outdated. What Sperandeo says about trading, discipline and risk management is a must read for all traders who hope to make it (and not just end up giving their money to professionals like Vic and me). I have read more than 50 books on trading and this is in my top 5.

Negative Review of Book: Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master

If you want to be on the cutting edge of investment theory this is not the book to buy. I feel its a little outdated. Some interesting concepts on the economy and with technical analysis however.

Author Biography

VICTOR SPERANDEO has been a professional trader and money manager for 24 years. He currently manages and advises institutional and large individual portfolios for Rand Management Corporation. He has been profiled in Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal and appears frequently on CNBC and other television networks, and is in demand as a lecturer.

Table of Contents

  • From Gambler to Market Master: The Making of a Professional Speculator.
  • The Alligator Principle: Proof of the Need to Think in Essentials.
  • A Business Philosophy for Consistent Success.
  • Finding Order in Market Chaos: An Introduction to Dow Theory.
  • A True Understanding of Trends.
  • The Merits and Hazards of Technical Analysis.
  • Where Fortunes Are Made: Identifying a Change of Trend.
  • What the Analysts Don't Know Can Kill You.
  • The Way the World Really Works: The Basics of Economics.
  • Booms and Busts: Who Holds the Pump and Who Holds the Needle?.
  • Managing Money by Measuring Risk.
  • There Must Be Fifty Ways to Lose Your Money.
  • The Spock Syndrome: Reason and Emotions at War.
  • Success Is What You Make It.
  • Changing So It Sticks.
  • Conquering False Pride.
  • Finding Your Freedom.

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