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Thanks for Subscribing!

To ensure our emails arrive please "whitelist" this email address:

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The format and language of our e-mails sometimes causes it to be filtered out as spam, even though we never send unsolicited email. In many cases the intended recipient of the email is not notified that it didn't get through, and neither are we (the sender).

To find instructions for your e-mail provider or software, use this handy menu:

Online Services:

Email Sofware Programs:

Spam Filtering Software:




  1. Open your Yahoo mailbox.
  2. Click Mail Options
  3. Click Filters.
  4. Next, click Add Filter.
  5. in Filter Name box type MyShareTrading
  6. In the top row, labeled "From header," make sure contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
  7. Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter
  8. At the bottom, where it says 'Move the message to:', select 'Inbox' from the pull-down menu.
  9. Click the Add Filter button again.


  1. Click Contacts along the left side of any Gmail page.
  2. Click Add Contact.
  3. In the primary e-mail address box, type
  4. Click Save.


  1. Click the Options link.
  2. Click the Mail link
  3. Click on Junk E-Mail Protection
  4. Click on Junk E-Mail Filter
  5. From the selection list, choose your Junk E-Mail Filter level (select either 'Low', or 'Enhanced') and click the OK button
  6. Click on Safe List
  7. In "Type a single e-mail address (or domain)," type
  8. Click Add button.


  1. Click Help & Settings
  2. Click Email Settings
  3. Click on Safe List
  4. In Add an item to this list, enter
  5. Click Add

AOL (version 9.0 or higher):

  1. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book.
  2. In the pop up box, click the Add button.
  3. In the "Other E-Mail" field, type
  4. Make our From address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box.
  5. Click the Save button.

AOL 8.0:

  1. Open the e-mail.
  2. Click Add Address.
  3. Verify the senders contact information.
  4. Click Save.



Mozilla Thunderbird:

Initially, the automatic junk mail detection for incoming messages might not be very accurate (unti you have 'trained' it) and you should check your Junk folder to see our e-mail (from has not been mistakenly detected as junk.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you need to mark our e-mails as NOT junk. Do this by right-clicking on the received e-mail and choose "Mark -< As Not Junk".

Outlook (2003 or higher):

The Junk E-mail Filter in Outlook is turned on by default. You can either add our address to your address book or to the 'Safe Senders' list ( see for more details ).

  • Add to Contacts Method.
    1. Open the e-mail.
    2. Right-click the senders e-mail address.
    3. Click Add to contacts.
    4. Click Save and close.

  • Safe Senders List Method.
    1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
    2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click Junk E-mail.
    3. On the Safe Senders tab, click Add.
    4. In the Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box, enter ( or just our domain name, and then click OK.

Outlook Express (version 6 or higher):

  1. Open the e-mail.
  2. Left-click the sender icon, or right click the senders name.
  3. Click Add to contacts.
  4. Click Save and close.


  1. Open the e-mail.
  2. Right-click the senders e-mail address.
  3. Select Add to address book from the menu.
  4. Verify the senders contact details.
  5. Click Save.


  1. Open the e-mail.
  2. Ctrl-click the senders e-mail address and select Open in the address book.
  3. Verify the senders contact information.



If MyShareTrading e-mail is filtered, click on the white "W" icon on the left column of the mailing; when the pop-up window comes up, simply click the Add to Whitelist button.

Alternative whitelisting methods:

  1. * Click on the White List button
  2. Add: to the bottom of your existing list
  3. Click the Submit List button

Cloudmark SpamNet:

  1. Select "Cloudmark | Options"... from the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook.
  2. Click "Advanced"
  3. Go to the Whitelist tab
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Type:
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Yes
  9. Click OK


  1. Click the "Addresses" tab
  2. Click "New"
  3. Type:
    1. Make sure that "Accept Mail From This Address" is selected under Receiving Options.
    2. Uncheck "Display in People Picker" under Other options.
  4. Click Submit
  5. Click OK


  1. Click Friends from the toolbar
  2. Click Add, then type:
  3. Click OK


  1. Click Tools, then Blacklist & Friends
  2. Click Add... on the right, the Friends list side
  3. Make sure Plain e-mail address is selected
  4. Type:
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK

McAfee Spamkiller:

  1. Click Friends from the sidebar
  2. Click Add
  3. Type:
  4. Click OK

Norton AntiSpam:

  1. Start up Norton AntiSpam
  2. Click the Status & Settings tab
  3. Click AntiSpam
  4. Click Configure
  5. Click Allowed List tab
  6. Click Add button
  7. In the 'Email Address' box, enter:
  8. Click OK
  9. Click OK


  1. Check your 'Probably Spam' folder.
  2. If you see that mail from MyShareTrading was incorrectly filtered out, select it, and click the "Move to Inbox" and "Mark as Not Spam" button.


  1. Add the following entry to your user prefs file, which is found in the spamassassin subdirectory on your web/mail server: whitelist_from
  2. Save the user_prefs file or move the updated copy to your .spamassassin subdirectory
  3. If you have no user_prefs file in this subdirectory, create one:


  1. Click the Configure button
  2. Go to the "Known Senders" tab
  3. Click Add under "Known Good Senders and Recipients"
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK again

Spameater Pro:

  1. Click Filters from the sidebar
  2. Click the Approved Senders tab
  3. Click Add Filter
  4. Type:
  5. Choose 'Full Email Address' under Address Type
  6. Select Email Domain
  7. Click OK

Spam Inspector:

  1. Select Spam Inspector, then 'Manage Friends List' from either the Spam Inspector toolbar or from the Outlook menu.
  2. Make sure Email is selected under 'Add a New Friend'
  3. Type:
  4. Click the >> button
  5. Click Close

Spam Interceptor:

  1. Follow the Trusted link under > Authentication Lists. Enter the e-mail address:
  2. Click Add


  1. Click on the SpamPal system tray icon with the right mouse button.
  2. Click 'Add to Whitelist' from the menu.
  3. Type:
  4. Click Add

Spam Sleuth:

  1. Select File, then Configure.
  2. Go to the Friends category.
  3. Make sure Active is checked
  4. Type: on a line by itself in the entry field
  5. Click OK