Telstra [TLS] is Something Absolutely Not Something You Would Want to Trade

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 22 March, 2006 - 22:17

Telstra fell to record lows during this week, hitting $3.66 - just 26 cents above that T1 investors paid in 1997 and about half of what investors paid for T2. And you think the Aussie Government is going to offload this ailing stock to T3 in during the coming year? Who knows? But there is one thing I know - it is highly unlikely for this stock to see some miracle recovery over the next year.

One of the major things that is holding back the stock is government regulations. there is also about the issue about the dividends being paid out of the balance sheet. Take this into consideration: Since Sol Trujolli took the job, Telstra's market capitalisation has fallen $16.9 billion.