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Telesso Technologies (TEO), formerly EIF is involved in chemically re-engineering drugs to improve performance (potentially reducing dosage and side effects) and allowing use of more efficient, patient-friendly, drug delivery options (i.e. oral, inhalable, injectable, transdermal and implants). The company is also involved in the re-engineering of existing drugs to improve their patent life. Investors can trade Telesso Technologies shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

EIF listed on the Australian stock market in 1996, originally as PharmAction Holdings Ltd. In 2000, the company sold its pharmaceutical manufacturing operation to Cottee Health, and focussed on developing its particle re-engineering technology. The company was renamed to its current name in February 2008.

TEO holds several patents over its particle re-engineering technology. In addition to improving the technical aspects of drug delivery, the potential for extending patent life makes the technology particularly appealing to the pharmaceutical industry.

TEO's proprietary technology has application to a range of potential drugs, as such numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers are potential clients of TEO. TEO competes with various biotech companies involved in drug delivery development.

Telesso Technologies (TEO) Products and Services

  • Chemically re-engineer drugs to improve performance

Telesso Technologies (TEO) Locations and Subsidiaries

Telesso Technologies Head Office
C/- Kidmans Chartered Accountants,
Level 2, 50 Clarence Street, SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000
Phone: 61 2 9262 1566
Fax: 61 2 9262 1221

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