Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

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In the late 1980s John J. Murphy's massive Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets created an uproar when it burst upon the scene. The most comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow guide to the concepts of technical analysis and their applications to the futures markets, it swiftly became a classic cited in research studies by the Federal Reserve and used as a primary source in the Market Technicians Association testing program. Today, it is widely considered the bible in its field.

In response to its widespread demand, Murphy has completely updated and revised this landmark volume, broadened its scope, and expanded it to cover all financial markets. While it retains the clarity, simplicity, and logical structure that made the earlier book so popular, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance) thoroughly covers all the new techniques in charts and charting and the many recent developments in this fast-changing field. Every chapter has been updated.

There is new emphasis on the stock market, hundreds of up-to-date illustrations, and three completely new chapters featuring extensive information on stock market indicators, Candlestick charting and Inter market analysis. An invaluable tool for traders of all levels of experience, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets guides you from the first application of the Dow Theory and the basics of charting through the latest computer technology and most advanced analysis systems.

Positive Review of Book

If there is a single book on Technical Analysis that I would recommend to anyone, Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets is it! Mr. Murphy covers quite a large spectrum of Technical Analysis and yet remains easy to understand for the beginners and intermediates alike. The methods are applicable across a wide range of financial instruments. Also, chart examples include market data that is recent and modern enough to reflect the faster online trading markets. You can't go wrong adding this great book to your collection.

Negative Review of Book

Technical Analysis does not exist! Head-n-Shoulders, Candlesticks, etc... are BS! TA is a lucky hit or miss chance that people take. Authors of these books make their money by writing them and having fools buy them in the hopes of becoming successful traders. Will not happen! Save your money and buy index funds for the long haul and you will make more money than you would from reading these junk books and praying every time you place a stock trade.

Author Biography

John J. Murphy (born 1959) is an American Republican Party politician from New Jersey. As of 2009[update], he is currently in his third term on the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. He served two terms as Freeholder Director and is currently liaison to the Department of Administration and Finance and the Department of Economic Development. He is a former liaison to the Department of Law and Public Safety.[1]

Murphy is currently a partner with the Morristown Financial Group, a financial planning and investment firm. He joined the Morris Township Volunteer Fire Department where he still serves as an active firefighter. He served as the department's volunteer chief in 1990 and 1991. He served two terms on the Morris Township Committee, from 1994 to 1998, and was Mayor of Morris Township in both 1996 and 1997.

Table of Contents

  1. Philosophy of Technical Analysis
  2. Dow Theory
  3. Chart Construction
  4. Basic Concepts of Trend
  5. Major Reversal Patterns
  6. Continuation Patterns
  7. Volume and Open Interest
  8. Long Term Charts
  9. Moving Averages
  10. Oscillators and Contrary Opinion
  11. Point and Figure Charting
  12. Japanese Candlesticks
  13. Elliott Wave Theory
  14. Time Cycles
  15. Computers and Trading Systems
  16. Money Management and Trading Tactics
  17. The Link Between Stocks and Futures: Intermarket Analysis
  18. Stock Market Indicators
  19. Pulling It All Together - A Checklist

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