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Sterling Biofuels International (SBI) is involved with the manufacture of biodeisel from palm oil and oil palm plantation development. It was listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) on 25 September 2006. Through its wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary, SPC Biodiesel Sdn Bhd, Sterling Biofuels has constructed a 100,000 tonne per year Biodiesel plant in Lahad Datu in the Malaysian state of Sabah which is ready to commence production.

Building on its biodiesel manufacturing base, the Sterling Biofuels Group has initiated diversification into upstream activities namely oil palm plantations and palm oil milling via its wholly-owned Malaysian subsidiary - SPC Biodiesel Sdn Bhd. As palm oil is the primary feedstock for the manufacture of its biodiesel, the participation and investment by the Group in various upstream activities within the industry value chain is a logical and complementary extension to its biodiesel business.

In this regard, the Group will have a plantation arm - Sterling Plantations Sdn Bhd that will undertake plantation development and management whilst SPC Palm Mills Sdn Bhd will undertake the construction and operation of a palm oil mill. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009 (fiscal 2009), the Company completed the remobilization of its 100,000 metric ton biodiesel plant in Malaysia.

Biodiesel is produced by a process called transesterification in which vegetable oils, animal fats, or waste cooking oil are converted into methyl esters through a chemical reaction with methanol in the presence of a catalyst, such as sodium methylate. The conversion process results in pure Biodiesel (B100) being produced as well as glycerine (crude) as a by-product.

Sterling Biofuels International (SBI) Products and Services

  • Manufacture of biodeisel from palm oil and oil palm plantation development.

Sterling Biofuels International (SBI) Locations and Subsidiaries

Sterling Biofuels International Head Office
Ground Floor, 16 Ord Street, WEST PERTH,
Phone: (08) 9324 8583
Fax: (08) 9324 8586

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