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Southern Cross Exploration (SXX) is a minerals exploration and investment company. Amongst the company's interests are the Gold Cross Gold Mining Project in the Philippines and the Bigrlyi uranium exploration joint venture in the Ngalia Basin in the Northern Territory.

Southern Cross Exploration was incorporated in 1970 and listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange in that year. In June 2007, the company changed its ASX code to SXX. Apart from resource exploration, the company is involved in investment in property, shares, loans and other securities. The company has an investment in diamond exploration through its shareholding in Austar Mining Corporation. The company was listed on Australian Stock Market on 2 August, 1971.

Major competitors consist of other mining companies in Australia and overseas exploring for gold, precious and base metals. These range from massive international companies to small explorers with one or two projects. Prospective gold customers include governments, banks and international gold brokers whilst for precious and base metals would involve arrangements with utilities, large industrial users and steel plants.

The principal activities during the year ended December 31, 2009, consisted of continued investment in the Bigrlyi Uranium Project; exploration for gold and minerals, reviews for participation in and/or acquisition of mineral exploration and mining ventures, and examination of other projects in respect of other commodities, investment in property, shares, loans and other securities. The Bigrlyi project is located in the Ngalia Basin, approximately 390 kilometers northwest of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory.

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  • Minerals exploration and investment company.

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Southern Cross Exploration Head Office
9th Floor, 82 Elizabeth Street, SYDNEY,
Phone: (02) 9233 6022
Fax: (02) 9233 6475

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