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Solco (SOO) specialises in solar energy products. It was incorporated in November 1998 with the purchase of BW Solar, a company that had been providing customised solar solutions for 9 years. Since SOO's formation, their two main technologies have been Sun Tracer and the Sun Mill pumping system. SOO's prime market is in remote areas.

Solar Energy Systems was established in 1998 as a solar company providing decentralised sustainable water solutions to Australia. On December 15th 2000, Solar Energy Systems listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

SOO's mission statement is to be a global leader in the distribution of decentralised sustainable water and power solutions. Solco have four main products which are the Solco Hot Water, Solco Pumping, Solco Power Systems and Solco Water Solutions. The company have operations worldwide in Canada, East Timor, Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Tanzania.

Solco's major customers include third world countries where the water and power supply are limited or polluted. Major competitors would be other companies specialising in infrastructure or construction and water purifying companies.Solco Solar Pumping business unit manages Solco's water pumping activities through the Sun Mill brand. Solco Major Projects tackles water and power supplies. Solco Industries produces turnkey systems for producing polymer hot water systems. This product is known as the Solco Manufacturing System (SMS).


Company's main operations are in the wholesale and distribution of solar power and pumping solutions around Australia and overseas, supplying a combination of imported and locally-sourced products. Company cater for corporate and government clients directly, and residential customers through their installer network. Company brands include GridPower™ Choice Electric, Solar Energy Systems, Sun Mill™ Solartech Genius™, Solco Industries and Solco Manufacturing.

Their products include complete PV and small wind energy systems, individual components for grid-connect and standalone applications, and a range of affordable and reliable solar pumping solutions to handle the toughest of remote water needs. They are suitable for various locales and purposes including irrigation, livestock watering, ponds, islands, remote homes and cabins.

Sun Mill™ Solar Pumps

Sun Mill™ solar pump kits combine solar panels with high-efficiency pumps to deliver the required supply of water. Water pumping is a naturally efficient way to use solar energy, as water moved during the day can still be drawn upon when it's dark. Sun Mills come in a range of sizes for different flow and pressure needs.

Solco (SOO) Products and Services

  • Sustainable water and power solutions.

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12 Brennan Way, BELMONT, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6104
Phone: (08) 9334 8100
Fax: (08) 9334 8199

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