Software & Services

3q Holdings (TQH) - carries on a business that has been providing end-to-end solutions to the Australian market.

Adacel Technologies (ADA) - is an Australian based holding company with subsidiaries engaged in supplying of advanced simulation and control systems and service for aviation and defence.

Admerex (ADL) - is a company primarily engaged in the marketing, licensing, supporting, developing and investing in software solutions, receivables management centers for the banking and financial services, telecommunications and utilities industries and the provision of receivables and risk management consulting services.

Altium (ALU) - is an Australian-based engaged in the unified electronic product development solutions development and offering to designers and electronic engineers.

Ansearch (ANH) - is a holding company engaged in several online media activities.

Apa Financial Services (APP) - provides asset and investment portfolio administration services. The Company focuses on providing advanced technology and support facilities to financial planners, advisers and institutions.

Asg Group (ASZ) - (ASV) was incorporated in 1996 in Perth. The Company is principally engaged in the provision of information technology (IT) business solutions across Australia.

Asian Pacific (AAS) - is a holding Company that offers financial services.

Bravura Solutions (BVA) - extends services in the areas of superannuation, pension, life insurance and investment. The Company also caters professional consulting services along with specialising in the development and maintenance of specialised administration and management software for use in the financial services business.

Computershare (CPU) - is a financial market service and technologies provider to other listed companies, exchanges, investors and financial institutions.

Integrated Research (IRI) - is aengaged in the development, design, as well as sale of systems and applications management computer software used for Internet protocol (IP telephony networks and business-critical computing.

Iress Market Technology (IRE) - is an Australian based company engaged in the provision of trading, information, order management, compliance, financial planning systems, portfolio and related tools.

Iss Group (ISS) - is an information and technology company. ISS is focused on developing and marketing application and software structure for gas, mineral and oil processing industries.

MYOB (MYO) - caters software development and publishing solutions to small and medium enterprises worldwide. Its business operations are mainly held in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Redflex Holdings (RDF) - is leading provider of traffic management, road safety, defense, transport, security and communication products.

Technology Hardware & Equipment

Alpha Technologies Corporation (ASU) - is a company whose principal activities are the design, manufacture and distribution of a range of temperature and other sensors.

Ambertech (AMO) - is one of the world's leading distributors engaged in the wholesale of high technology equipment to the professional broadcast, film, recording and sound reinforcement industries, and of customer audio and video products in Australia and New Zealand. T

Arasor International (ARR) - manufactures and distributes optical chips, components, modules and subsystems.
Argus Solutions (ASV) - specialises in the design, delivery and maintenance of biometric-based identification applications and solutions, as well as the distribution of biometric hardware and software.

Commander Communications (CDR) - is a company engaged in the provision of telecommunication services like data and hardware, mobile and fixed line as well as computer services like servers, PCs, outsourcing and software to both small and corporate businesses in Australia.

ERG (ERG) - is an Australian company engaged in the development and supply of the software systems and automated fare collection equipment of the technologically advanced smart card systems and transit industry services.