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Select Vaccines (SLT) is targeting global markets for infectious disease diagnostic and vaccine products. Their core commercial objective is the identification of appropriate corporate partnership opportunities. SLT operates in the global life sciences industry, covering pharamceuticals, biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, and research tools. The company was listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in May 1994. Its head office is situated in Victoria.

SLT and its subsidiaries have a unique combination of Australian R&D in the medical sector - scientists, finance and management professionals and academics. The company has an alliance with the Burnet Institute to fund the development and commercialisation of R&D projects in the fields of hepatitis diagnostics and vaccines and antivirals against rhinoviruses (common cold) and enteroviruses).

Since the company concentrates on R&D customers are minimal. Potential customers include vaccine manufacturers, the general public, health care centre's and doctor's surgery. Major competitors are other R&D companies involved in the industry locally and internationally trying to find cures for diseases. The Company’s primary focus is research activities. Its subsidiaries include Hepgenics Pty Ltd and Picoral Pty Ltd, both of which are engaged in medical research.

Select Vaccines (SLT) Products and Services

  • Investment in projects for the commercialisation of infectious disease diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

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Select Vaccines Head Office
MClean Delmo, Level 4, 302-320 Burwood Road,
Phone: 03 9613 4100
Fax: 03 9613 4111

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