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SCV Group is a long-term rental provider, with a rental model targeted at senior citizens. Sunnycove communities aim to provide its residents with friendly surroundings and have a professional atmosphere.

The company listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in 2004. The company has adopted an IP for Rights strategy enabling it to partner with qualified developers in order to expand Sunnycove communities across Australia. In late 2006, the company changed its name from Sunnycove Management to SCV Group.

SCV believe their rental services are advantageous since they (1) free up their capital (2) achieve greater disposable income, more certainty in their budgeting and the freedom to spend or invest more of their money however they want (3) have no general maintenance activities like household repairs making retirement hassle free (4) provide flexibility for residents as renting with SunnyCove allows them the opportunity to reside in different SunnyCove properties throughout Queensland.

Major customers would be the ageing public, that is, the senior citizens of Australia, and qualified developers and referral agents interested in licensing SCV's intellectual property in return for payments to the company. Competitors include other retirement villages throughout Australia such as Community Life Limited (CLF) and Aevum Limited (AVE).

On October 24, 2008, the Company completed the acquisition of Village Life Management Limited (VLML). On June 30, 2008, the Company completed the acquisition of Village Care Limited. The SunnyCove and Village Life brands not only provide affordable rental accommodation for Seniors, but also provides a secure and friendly village way of life. This lifestyle incorporates the provision of Flexible Care Services and an independent accommodation offer of units of a similar size and appointment level across all its communities through out Australia.

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  • Specialist property manager.

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SCV Group Head Office
Level 1, River Tower, 20 Pidgeon Close,
Phone: (07) 3840 3111
Fax: (07) 3840 3099

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