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Scantech (SCD) provides process control solutions for bulk materials. It is involved in the design and manufacture of online analysis systems to determine moisture and chemical composition of coal, limestone and other materials. Its flagship product range is the COALSCAN range of online coal analysers.

The original company, Mineral Control Instrumentation, was founded in 1981 and listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in 1987. In 1996 the company received the BVQI Certificate of Approval for ISO Quality Assurance Standard 9001. By early 1996, the scope of the company's activities had expanded to the extent that some corporate re-organisation became necessary, and the company became Scantech Limited.

Scantech is a world leader in the application of online real-time measurement technology for bulk materials. The company has developed a broad range of industrial instrumentation utilising various measurement technologies, including Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis and microwave.

Scantech currently supports more than 450 analysers in over 30 countries worldwide. Its main customers include mine operators, mineral refiners, and operators of power plants. SCD's major competitors include other producers of material analysis systems.

Scantech (SCD) Products and Services

  • Provides process control solutions for bulk materials.

Scantech (SCD) Locations and Subsidiaries

Scantech Head Office
143 Mooringe Avenue, CAMDEN PARK,
Phone: (08) 8350 0200
Fax: (08) 8350 0188

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