The Roaring 2000s Investor

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In the New York Times bestseller The Roaring 2000s, Harry S. Dent, Jr., forecast a booming market that will continue to rise through the first eight years of the twenty-first century. Now in The Roaring 2000s Investor, Dent turns his uncanny ability to see our economic future to the specific strategies you can use to get the life you want now and for the rest of your days.

Whether you are planning to retire in ten years or forty, looking for a larger home or a smaller one, planning to put several children through college or planning for life after they have graduated, you will find what you are looking for in The Roaring 2000s Investor: Strategies for the Life You Want including information on:

  • The Ultimate Portfolio Strategy for the Roaring 2000s
  • International Trends in Developed and Emerging Countries
  • Deflating the Inflation Myth
  • Why You May Need a Financial Advisor and How to Find a Great One
  • The Truth About Taxes
  • Targets for the Dow and NASDAQ by 2008

The ultimate goal of The Roaring 2000s Investor is to give investors personalized and effective financial planning advice that fits their specific needs and allows them to achieve their highest life goals through the great boom of the next decade -- and the hard times that Dent predicts will follow.

Positive Review of Book

As my publisher loves to say, you have to connect the dots for people. That is precisely what Dent has done in this sequal to The Roaring 2000's. Specifically, he shows how how large and small cap stocks have fared in various demographic environments, and then concludes that it is big stocks until 2008 in the U.S. He further elucidates on foreign stocks by showing the demographic pattern by country, to give guidance on where to go for international diversification. Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, and China all look very interesting here. You also get a sense of where to go in Europe (avoid France). Dent also provides his own philosophy about investing, get some help and keep it simple. Those who want to be day traders will be quite upset with this book, but for most people this is good advice. He also reminds us to rotate our holdings among the faster growing sectors of the S&P 500 to beat the benchmark.

I would need to see more years of evidence to conclude that the argument is rock sound in this book, but it certainly adds a totally different perspective to the continuing issues of asset allocation. I see relatively little potential harm in the advice, as long as you stay flexible and run out of stocks should the scenarios not be developing as Dent forecasts. I know of few things that can be accurately forecast solely from demographics, so I remain skeptical about an investment approach totally based on it. I am equally skeptial of an investment approach that ignores demographics. The book is well worth your while, and you will enjoy the things you learn. If you have never read Dent before, you can start with this book and be all right. If you have read lots of Dent, the benefit is in the new details.

Negative Review of Book

Harry Dent's latest is rather a poor sequel. He brushes over issues covered in his prior books and sheds a bit more light on the international investment arena.
One chapter turned out quite preachy where Dent, while describing the importance of having the financial freedom to do the things we like, preaches forever on the goodness of giving. And to top it all off, Dent presents and pretends to prove the statement that changes in tax laws have no effect on the desire to innovate! Skip this book and buy one of his prior ones instead!

Author Biography

Harry S. Dent, Jr. mission as CEO and founder of economic research and analysis company HS Dent is 'Helping People Understand Economic Change'. As a former strategic consultant at Bain & Company, Dent's analysis states that demographic trends are the greatest drivers of our economy, along with radical new technologies, working together to follow a four-stage life cycle of innovation, growth, shakeout, and maturity. Since 1992 he has authored two consecutive best sellers The Roaring 2000s and The Roaring 2000s Investor (Simon and Schuster). In his latest book The Great Depression Ahead(Free Press), Harry Dent offers portfolio allocation strategies during an economic crisis, as well as the bad news that the worst of the housing downturn will occur between 2010 and 2013. Harry Dent also publishes the HS Dent Monthly Economic Forecast newsletter.

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 - The Roaring 2000's
    • The Greatest Boom In History: 1998 to 2009
    • How New Generations Drive Economic Revolutions
  2. Part 2 - Life in The Internet Age
    • The Real Information Revolution
    • The Eight Critical Technology Trends Changing How We Line and Work
  3. Part 3 - The New Network Corporation
    • Human Browser Server Organisations That Operate From The Customer Back, Not The Top Down
    • The New Look Of Work: Everyone a Business
    • The Secret To Changing Companies
    • The Right Brain Revolution
  4. Part 4 - The Next Great Population Shift and Real Estate Boom
    • The New American Dream: Big City Incomes, Small Town Living
    • The Nine Shades Of Penturbia: The New Growth Areas In Real Estate
    • How To Spot Real Estate Trends and Boomtowns
  5. Part 5 - Investment Strategies For The Roaring 2000's
    • The Seven Principles Of Successful Investing

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