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Resource Mining Corporation (RMI) is an exploration company primarily searching for gold, platinum, nickel and cobalt, with tenements in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Key projects of RMI include the Argyle Iron Ore Project in the eastern Kimberley of Western Australia and the Wowo Gap project in PNG. RMI listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in February 1985.

The Argyle Iron Ore Project comprises of two iron deposits discovered in the 1960s. Aeromagnetic and radiometric surveys have been successfully completed on this project. The company has also formed a joint venture with Traka Resources to explore for iron ore on Traka's Ravensthorpe project in Western Australia.

Major competitors consist of other mining companies in Australia and overseas exploring for gold, precious and base metals. These range from massive international companies to small explorers with one or two projects. Prospective gold customers include governments, banks and international gold brokers whilst for precious and base metals would involve arrangements with utilities, large industrial users and steel plants.

Its projects include Wowo Gap Nickel Laterite Project, Musgrave Range Project and Three Rivers Project. The Wowo Gap nickel-cobalt laterite deposit is held under EL1165. The deposit is located at the eastern end of the Didana Range in a topographic saddle some 700 meters above sea level. Range Project consists of the Blackstone Range (E69/2108 and E69/2109) and Michael Hills Projects (E69/2106 & E69/2107). On February 24, 2009, the Company acquired Argyle Iron Ore Pty Ltd.

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  • Mineral exploration in Australia and overseas.

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Resource Mining Corporation Head Office
702 Murray Street, WEST PERTH, WA, AUSTRALIA, 6005
Phone: 08 9213 9400
Fax: 08 9213 9444

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