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QRSciences Holdings (QRS) is an R&D company focused on developing and commercialising applications using Quadrupole Resonance (QR). QR uses radiowaves for material specific inspections and can detect a range of explosives, narcotics, and other substances. QRS’ first licensed technology is for explosives detection primarily to be combined with X-ray equipment for screening carry-on / hand-held baggage in the aviation industry and in other screening applications.

QR technology, which is complementary to existing security screening systems, markedly improves explosives detection performance and reduces operating costs and disruption to passengers. QRS’ technology has been successfully tested by leading aviation authorities around the world and has been licensed to international screening equipment suppliers and system integrators in the US. More recently, QRS formalised an agreement with the Chinese Institute of Atomic Energy to build an explosives screening system for use in China.

QRSciences was founded in 1996. In late 1997 the Company began working in the field of Quadrupole Resonance. In November/December 2000 QRS progressed through prototype testing at Manchester Airport, U.K. In 2002 QRS entered into a long term exclusive license with BTG International Ltd to take over 14 QR patent families. In June 2003 QRS entered into a technology licensing agreement with a leading supplier of high quality X-ray screening and explosive detection systems. Company was listed on Australian Stockmarket (ASX) on 2 December, 1987.

QRS has a simple business model. Revenues will primarily derive from per machine royalty fees and, to a lesser degree the provision of consulting services to commercial partners. The company has the ability to create additional products with the flexibility to choose between a manufacturing and/or licensing strategy. Operating costs will comprise variable per machine licensing fees payable to BTG International and largely fixed operating costs associated with operations at Perth and the recently opened US office.

QRS's main customers include those in the explosives, narcotic and biochemical detection industry; pharmaceutical quality control and assurance, mineral and material assay, lab instrumentation and other environmental science sectors. It's major competitors include other developers of radiowave technology.

QRSciences Holdings (QRS) Products and Services

  • Commercialisation of applications based on Quadrupole Resonance technology.

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QRSciences Holdings Head Office
Unit 5, 435 Williamstown Rd, PORT MELBOURNE,
Phone: 03 9681 9854
Fax: 03 9646 2049

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