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On Q Group (ONQ) is a public entity that has two principal divisions: food and beverages and electronic warehousing. The food and beverages division involves the manufacturing, bottling and distribution of fruit juices, soft drinks, sauces and pastes. The electronic warehousing division involves the distribution of electronic products. The product range includes prepaid products, bill payment, loyalty and fuel cards. Company listed on ASX on 13 June, 2000.

On Q Group, a publicly listed company, acquired Australian Pure Fruits (SA) Pty Ltd in November 1999. It owns and operates manufacturing facilities in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. ONQ is also a holding entity for a large number of related subsidiary companies within the Group such as On Q Technologies, Motorlink and cash4biz. ONQ is the holding company
On Q undertakes research and development work on behalf of clients involved in developing new products or fresh ideas for existing products. The company has the ability to make quality fruit and vegetable pastes to a specific criteria by means of evaporation under vacuum processes, which maintains a better quality and appearance of the fruit compared with the high-volume fruit and vegetable processing by competitors. ONQ's products are preservative- and additive-free.

ONQ offers its products domestically within the food industry. Its domestic customers vary in size and include large manufacturers of baby food, jams and fruit drinks. On Q also supplies most of the major soup and pasta sauce manufacturers as well as to the confectionary and bakery industries. It also exports large volumes of stone fruit and vegetable purees to customers in Europe.

On Q Group (ONQ) Products and Services

  • The OnQ Group has developed software infrastructure to support the buying and selling of transactions.

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On Q Group Head Office
677 The Boulevard, EAGLEMONT,
Phone: 03 8458 1000
Fax: 03 9459 2048

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