Where can I learn how to trade the markets (Futures and Options or even Forex)?

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 20 February, 2006 - 18:55

Learn to trade the stock market from a website

Where can I find a great FREE website that teaches stock market Trading and Investing?
It could be anything from stock market trading to Futures and Options or even Forex. Could be Day-trading, Online-trading, etc. Please feel free to list as many websites as you might know about - as long as they are FREE. Also, any good book suggestions and/or tips?

First of all - you should focus your learning on one or the other. I'm a trader myself and trading and investing are two totally different things.

There is plenty to learn in both arenas but it is important to first recognize what your overall goal is.

Are you trying to make a living out of it? Trying to get rich? Trying to get better returns over the long term?

From there you can decide which vehicle to invest/trade with that best fits your goals.

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