Share (Stock) Trading as a Home Business

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 8 April, 2006 - 10:31

Trading stocks and forex is a job. And can ba a successful home based business

For anyone who has started their own home business or made a career for themself at home. I am interested in starting a business or finding something that I can do from my home, possible using the computer. I have not come up with an idea yet. But I'd like to hear from anyone who has done something like this and hear what you think about working from home. Are you/have you been successful? I am NOT out to "steal" anyones business idea, so you don't have to share exactly what you do, if you do not want to. Just curious if I should do it or not.

You can trade the stock market or forex for a living from home. You don't need much to start with. You can learn to do it easily.

Say your start up cash is $10k. (Acutally you can start trading forex at USD$25 or less than $20 for share trading. The catch is that it is more economically feasible if you start trading something like $100 for forex and $400 for stocks.) You have the ability to double it in three months depending on how much you trade.

Trading stocks and forex is a job.

Here's some of the possible ways you can make money you can make each day.

Place on trade for 1/4 of a point on 10 options contracts.
$250.00 per day X 5= $1250.00 per week.
place two trades or only one for a 1/2 point move and make
$500.00 X 5 days= $2500.00 Mo. $10,000.00

Or you can simply buy cheap and sell high, or even sell high first and repurchase the stocks cheaper and still make a profit (shorting a stock).

See the picture developing. You don't need to even work that hard, and you can take a lap top and travel.

Imagine going on a trip and staying at one of the best hotels, you place a trade at the hotel in the morning and pay for you days expenses. Do you spend over $500.00 per day now on vacation?

Do you see the point? Good luck.