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Premium Investors (PRV) is a fund-of-fund investment vehicle, providing exposure to Australian and international securities managed by specialist ‘boutique’ investment managers. Each of the investment managers employs an absolute returns investment strategy. PRV outsources the management of its portfolio to Treasury Group Investment Services Limited (TIS). Premium Investors Limited listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in November 2003.

Premium Investors does not invest money on its own behalf. It employs Treasury Group Investment Services, which then selects a number of specialist boutique investment managers who finally manage the investment process. The bench mark for performance is the UBS Warburg Australian Bank Bill index plus 2%. All of the boutique managers which PRV is using are partly owned by the Treasury Group.

Small share funds, institutions and retail investors are the major shareholders/ customers of listed investment companies. There is substantial cross ownership within the listed investment company sector. Listed competitors include other listed investment companies and trusts, pooled development funds, exchange traded funds and absolute return funds. Unlisted competitors are primarily managed funds products distributed through financial planners.

As of June 30, 2009, the Company’s investment portfolio includes Telstra Corporation Ltd, Westpac Banking Corporation, BHP Billiton Limited, National Australia Bank Ltd, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Insurance Australia Group Ltd, Metcash Limited, Transcanada, ITC Holdings Inc and CSL Limited. The Company’s investment manager is Treasury Group Investment Services Limited.

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  • The Company's business is specialising in the management of predominantly Australian marketable securities.

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Premium Investors Head Office
Level 5, 50 Margaret Street, SYDNEY,
Phone: (02) 8243 0400
Fax: (02) 8243 0410

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