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Polartechnics (PLT) is focused on the commercialisation of new health and medical products/ services. The company's core products are: TrueScreen, a cervical cancer screening device; SolarScan a skin cancer scanning device; and Mediscan an image, video and data management system.

Polartechnics was formed in 1987, to develop a diagnostic device for the early detection of cervical and skin cancers. In June 2006, the company announced a new corporate strategy, focused on commercialising products/ licenses rather than on R&D. PLT was listed on the Australian stockmarket on 8 May, 1987.

The Truscan technology is based upon electronic and optical imaging of tissues, which allows detection of pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions without the discomfort of a pap smear. Other technology being developed for the Polarprobe include a disposable sheath, which will be used for each application of the device and a hybrid chip that will help to miniaturise the device.

Polartechnics' major customers include Deka M.E.L.A. Caci Group, and various European hospitals including Whittington Hospital in London. PLT's technology competes with conventional diagnosis technology.

The Company has developed cancer screening devices, which include TruScreen, SolarScan and MediScan. Polartechnics is active in Australia and New Zealand; East Asia, including China, Korea and Taiwan; South East Asia; South Asia throughout India; Eastern Europe including Greece, Hungary, Turkey; Middle East including Egypt and United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Company’s subsidiaries include Mediscan Investments Pty Limited, Mediscan Research & Development Pty Limited, Mediscan Marketing Pty Limited and Polartechnics (UK) Ltd.

Polartechnics (PLT) Products and Services

  • Research and development of pre-cancer and cancer detection equipment.

Polartechnics (PLT) Locations and Subsidiaries

Polartechnics Head Office
165 Mitchell Road, ERSKINEVILLE, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2043
Phone: (02) 8568 5333
Fax: (02) 8568 5399

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