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Pluton Resources Limited (PLV) is a mineral exploration company focusing on iron ore in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, with additional copper, gold and silver projects located in northwestern Tasmania. The company was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in 2006 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Pluton Resources has proven to innovate and develop new technologies that would otherwise restrict other companies.

Pluton Resources' flagship iron ore project is located on Irvine Island, about 130km north of Derby in Western Australia. Irvine Island is one of three islands that form the Kimberley Iron Ore Hub. It is located about 3km from the Cockatoo Island Mine and about 10km from the Koolan Island Mine. Cockatoo Island was the location from which iron ore was first exported in Australia. The iron ore from these three island is typically high grade and low in impurities. The islands boast deep water access. They are located near existing seaways and major Asian customers.

Pluton’s Tasmanian projects are located to the northwest of the state within the highly prospective Mount Read Volcanic (MRV) belt. The MRV is a proven area of poly-metallic mineralisation boasting an extensive history of pioneer exploration and long-standing mining. The MRV is one of the most highly mineralised regions on the Earth.

Pluton is a progressive and innovative company. Sturdy relationship, a genuine respect for native title landowners and genuine passion for environment have seen the company exceed its stated goals in the past and will continue to see the company develop and propser into the future.

Pluton Resources (PLV) Products and Services

  • Mineral exploration focusing on copper, gold, silver in Tasmania and iron ore in Western Australia.

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Pluton Resources Head Office
c/- Accosec Consultants Pty Ltd, Ground Floor, 470 St Kilda Road,
Phone: (03) 9867 8283
Fax: (03) 9867 8587

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