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Plentex (PRM) is involved in the development of a full-scale ammonia urea plant on the Burrup Peninsular of Western Australia. Key projects are near Georgetown in Queensland. Exploration companies aim to discover and delineate occurrences of metals and minerals that can be economically mined and extracted. The company listed on the Australan stockmarket (ASX) 19 May, 1983.

The Dampier Nitrogen Project will provide direct import replacement, provide a reliable cost competitive contamination free source of granular urea for Australia’s Agricultural Industry and thereby positively impact on Australia’s Balance of Payments.

PRM's major customers will include the retail, wholesale and international markets. The major threats to PRM would be other ammonia producing companies.

The Company holds exploration and development rights (for minerals other than uranium/ molybdenum/ fluorine) over a contiguous group of mineral tenements in the Georgetown region of North Queensland, covering approximately 5,810 square kilometers. The Georgetown Gold Mining Project comprises deposits and prospects, including Red Dam Gold and Silver deposit, Electric Light deposit and Big Wonder. The Lachlan Downs Project area is located approximately 100 kilometers south of Cobar, a mining and regional centre. The project area is on the south-western margin of the Cobar Basin in a sedimentary sequence, containing both siliceous sediments and carbonates.

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  • Mineral exploration and development company focusing on gold and base metal deposit

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Plentex Head Office
Level 2, 616 St Kilda Road,
Phone: (03) 9510 5011
Fax: (03) 9510 1899

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