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Phoslock Water Solutions (PHK) focuses on the commercialisation of Phoslock, a water treatment technology developed by CSIRO. The company has entered into a joint venture with IETC, which operates the Phoslock manufacturing plant in Kunming, China. The product Phoslock removes phosphorus from water bodies and effectively treats both the current algal cycle and prevent future algal blooms.

PHK Holdings was awarded an exclusive worldwide licence to manufacture and distribute Phoslock in 2000. Manufacture of Phoslock granules commenced in July 2004. In 2005, the company started its production facility in Kunming, China. Company was listed on Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 16 August, 2002.

Phoslock Water Solutions has an exclusive worldwide licence to manufacture and distribute Phoslock. The Phoslock product can be used to solve eutrophication problems in all kinds of water bodies. When Phoslock is applied to a water body, the phosphorus present in the water column is attracted to the lanthanum to produce lanthanum phosphate. Lanthanum phosphate is "insoluble", thus locking up the phosphorus within the bentonite.

Customers include golf course operators, wineries, universities, landscape companies and water authorities in Australia, New Zealand, the US, China, Korea and the Netherlands. Its competitors are limited as it holds an exclusive licence to distribute Phoslock.

The Phoslock Water Solutions' subsidiaries include Phoslock Pty Ltd, Phoslock Technologies Pty Ltd, Yunnan Jinxingyan Environmental Conservational Consultative, Purezza Marketing Inc, IETC Environmental Protection Technology (Kunming) Ltd, Phoslock Water Solutions UK Co Ltd and Phoslock Europe GmbH.

Phoslock Water Solutions (PHK) Products and Services

  • Sale of Phoslock and the research of environmental technologies.

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Phoslock Water Solutions Head Office
3/81 Frenchs Forest Road, FRENCHS FOREST,
Phone: (02) 9453 0455
Fax: (02) 9453 2693

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