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PharmaNet Group (PNO) has a number of entities under its control that operate in the pharmaceutical industry. The principal activities of its entities within the consolidated entity are research, development, investment, distribution, marketing and sales of medical and paramedical products and manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

The company was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in March 1987. After laying the foundation for its distribution activities and strategic plan, PNO expanded through organic and acquisitive growth. It now has a number of entities under the Pharmanet Group Limited umbrella.

PHL invests capital towards expending product and agency lines with a view to increase sales and obtain a national network. The company continues to pursue R&D of Tripeptofen through its wholly owned subsidiary Molecular Pharmacology Limited. The company's customer base are pharmacies and professionals in the medical industry. Competitors include other pharmaceutical product companies in the industry.

During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009 (fiscal 2009), the Company completed full scale production trials of its protein active ingredient and completed its initial production trials of Thermalife Cream. It is also engaged in the development of Savantac and RED. Savantac is a line-extension of Thermalife Cream and is aimed at the acute musculo-skeletal inflammatory market. RED product line is designed for the treatment of acute sun burn. The development of Savantac and RED are awaiting the finalisation of the Thermalife Cream production. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Cambridge Scientific Pty Ltd, the Company has established the Tripeptofen platform.

PharmaNet Group (PNO) Products and Services

  • Provision of IT&T solutions, specifically electronic commerce applications to the health care industry and continuing the manufacture and distribution of its pharmaceutical product.

PharmaNet Group (PNO) Locations and Subsidiaries

PharmaNet Group Head Office
Level 1, 284 Oxford Street, LEEDERVILLE, WA,
Phone: (08) 9242 1622
Fax: (08) 9443 2859

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