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Peters MacGregor Investments (PET) is a listed investment company providing a long term portfolio of international shares managed in line with the specific investment process of Peters MacGregor Capital Management Pty Limited.

PET was incorporated on Dec 15, 2003 to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a long-term portfolio of international shares and gain access to the specific investment process and the funds management experience of Peters MacGregor Capital Management Pty Ltd. It was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on April 16, 2004.

PET has a 'value'-focused investment style. Investments are in a limited number of listed companies (20 or less) deemed by the manager, Peters MacGregor Capital Management, to be undervalued by the market. It has a long-term investment horizon (5 yrs+) and are not active traders. PET's customers include general investors and fund managers.Competitors include other investment companies, funds and trusts.

Peters MacGregor Investments INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY

The investment philosophy of Peters MacGregor Capital Management has been developed from the teachings of Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, Warren Buffett and Charles Munger. First and foremost, Peters MacGregor Capital Management views an investment in a company's shares as an investment in the company's business. Its approach to share selection is the approach it would adopt if it were seeking to purchase the entire business.

In essence, Peters MacGregor Capital Management looks for businesses with a durable competitive advantage run by people who will maintain and/or improve on that advantage. In order to assess these attributes, Peters MacGregor Capital Management remains focused on businesses it understands. It places a heavy weight on high probabilities and does not diversify its share holdings into industries and companies it does not understand.

Peters MacGregor Capital Management's time is not spent trying to guess which way the market may move and it is not an active trader. It believes that stock markets will be far more volatile than the underlying businesses they represent.

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Peters MacGregor Investments Head Office
c/- Prosperity Advisers, Suite 1 Level 3, 200 Creek Street,
Phone: 02 9332 2133
Fax: 02 9331 3177

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