Penny Stock Movers on the Australian Stock Exchange

Submitted by Marco on 21 April, 2006 - 09:01

Penny Stock Movers for the Australian Stock Market today: [TVL] moved 2,782,010 shares to the value of $701,649 today escalating in price by 54% with a high of 0.285. Washington [WRL] moved 53.33% with a high of 0.23. Latrobe [LMG] moved 23.08% with a high of 0.017 - 41,028,302 stocks were moved to the value of $621,982. Sabre [SBR] showed a 20.83% move with a high of 0.145. Falcon [FCN] moved 27.78% to a high of 0.345. Allegiance [AGM] moved 27.59% to a high of 0.43. Penny stocks move spectacularly but the inherent risk of trading these stocks is the lack of liquidity.

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