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Orchid Capital (ORC) first listed as an investment and venture capital company. Its portfolio, before the creation of Orchid Resources (ORL) in mid-2004, is valued at $7M, and comprises resort properties in Phuket, Thailand and Eurobond investments. Through ORL, ORC is becoming an exploration company focused on base and precious metal projects in Tibet. Its long term goal is to develop and manage medium to large scale mining operations there, selling mineral products into China. The company first listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in February 1997.

Orchid Capital is an investment and venture capital company. Its portfolio in mid-2004 when the company decided to focus on mineral exploration, comprised resort property interests in Phuket, Thailand valued at $2M and Eurobond investments worth $5M. Orchid Resources Limited (ORL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary that was formed in 2004 to explore for mining and resource opportunities in China with a specific focus on projects in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Two key points differentiate Orchid Capital from other explorers. Firstly, it is a new entrant to the minerals industry and does not have any mining expertise apart from Dr Tyrwhitt, who brought the opportunities in Tibet to the company’s attention and is now the Exploration Director. Secondly, it is the only listed Australian exploration company in Tibet and only one of two listed foreign companies actively exploring there. Tibet has significant mineral potential and ORC is very much being a pioneer.

Orchid Capital hopes to become a gold, copper and molybdenum producer. It does not plan to refine copper to the metal stage in the early stages of mining and would sell concentrates to key smelting customers in eastern China. Gold production would advance to the metal ingot stage and be sold to the Chinese refiners for final processing. ORC is developing good relations with the Tibetan technical agencies, but does face competition from local operators in securing exploration licences.On June 30, 2009 the Company sold its entire Pharmacuetical segment represented by Xing Ling International Pte Ltd and its controlled entity. On August 25, 2009, the Company’s subsidiary, Orchid Emarb Ltd was dissolved.

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  • Strategic international investment.

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