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Orbital Corporation (OEC) is an international developer of engine and related technologies. OEC provides research, design, development and testing services to powertrain producers, regulatory authorities and research institutions worldwide. OEC licenses direct injection, lean burn combustion and control systems technology to automotive and marine manufacturers.

Orbital Corporation was established in the 1960s by Ralph Sarich to design and develop the Orbital Engine. In 1972, a JV was created with BHP, which resulted in the formation of the Orbital Engine Company. In 1988, the company was converted to a public company, known as Sarich Technologies, which in 1990 changed its name to Orbital Engine Corp. OEC's expertise in the development of efficient fuel injection systems for two- and four-stroke engines is now the core technology of the group. Company listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 24 January, 1989.

Orbital Corporation operates entirely in the field of engine fuel system design. The company undertakes its own research and development as well as contract work for major manufacturers. The major differentiating factor for OEC is that its technology allows traditional engine designs to be modified to meet tough new emission standards with minimal modification. The technology has been selected by a number of major two stroke and car manufacturers.

In motor scooters, OEC currently has Aprilia, Piaggo and Peugeot signed up. In marine and recreation, the company has Mercury Marine, OMC and Bombardier. In automotive, Saab (GM). Alternative engine systems developed by major automotive companies are the main competitors of Orbital Corporation Limited.

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  • Orbital is an international developer of innovative technical solutions for a cleaner world.

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Orbital Corporation Head Office
4 Whipple Street, BALCATTA,
Phone: (08) 9441 2311
Fax: (08) 9441 2133

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