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Oceania Capital Partners (OCP) is an investment company that provides its shareholders with investment exposure to, and returns from, investments in operating businesses. OCP pursues private equity style transactions and public market opportunities using private equity experience and disciplines. OCP will invest in operating businesses, whether they are listed on a stock market or not. Where it invests in listed businesses it will usually be where there is seen to be a private equity style of investment opportunity. Investors can trade Oceania Capital Partners shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

OCP has been established for the purpose of investing in private equity transactions and public market opportunities with an intention to invest in entities which are perceived to have the capacity to deliver significant returns to shareholders. OCP is not a portfolio investor. Consequently, while in some cases Oceania Capital Partnersmay take non-controlling positions in transactions, it will only invest with an intention of being actively involved. Where the Company takes a non-controlling position, it is intended that the Company will work with other shareholders to ensure that pre-determined strategies and actions are implemented.

The Company intends to focus on medium to large transactions as it believes that smaller investments require almost as much time and effort and hence the return based on the time and effort involved it likely to be more favourable on larger transactions. Where possible, Oceania Capital Partners intends to avoid competitive sales processes. However, if the Company perceives that it has a specific competitive advantage in the potential acquisition of an asset, it may participate in a competitive process. The company was listed on Australian stock market on 22 December, 2004.

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  • Investment company.

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Oceania Capital Partners Head Office
Level 35, 101 Collins Street,
Phone: 02 8243 2200
Fax: 02 8243 2222

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