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OBJ is a drug delivery company involved in active transdermal (through-skin) drug delivery. OBJ, through its fully owned subsidiary International Scientific Limited, is developing electronic “drug patch” technologies that allow drugs, therapeutic agents and cosmetic compounds to be delivered more effectively and more efficiently through the skin.

The company listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in 2000 as Objectif Telecommunications, a software solutions provider. Its name changed to OBJ Limited in 2004. Its operations also changed in 2004 with the acquisition of 100% of the shares of International Scientific Limited, a medical technology development company, which owns 100% of the transdermal permeability enhancement technology known as Dermaportation.

OBJ's differentiating factor is its drug delivery technology, "Dermaportation". Unlike other transdermal systems that use high-energy techniques to reduce the skin’s normal defences, Dermaportation uses ultra-low energy bio-effects to temporarily modify skin permeability. It generates tiny temporary pathways, so that a range of drugs, cosmetics and other compounds can be administered directly through the skin. This provides more convenience, better control and, in many cases, greater safety.

OBJ is mainly focused on developing targeted delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets. As OBJ is still in the development stage with the technology it has no major customers. The company's competitors include other biotechnology companies who are involved with the development of drug delivery technologies. Its wholly owned subsidiaries include International Scientific Pty Ltd and OBJ Transdermal Vaccines Pty Ltd.

OBJ Products and Services

  • Development of the Company's Dermaportation Technology.

OBJ Locations and Subsidiaries

OBJ Head Office
Level 1, 284 Oxford Street, LEEDERVILLE,
Phone: 08 9443 3011
Fax: 08 9443 3866

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