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NSL Consolidated (NSL) focuses on the distribution of biotechnology products. The company was formally involved in research and development of drug and biological agents but has shifted it operations to act as a distribution company for other medical technology companies. The company was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in February 1998. Its head office is situated Toorak, Victoria.

NSL engages in the search for other projects that could be developed either solely or in partnership with another biotechnology company. The company has an exclusive distribution agreement with the multinational medical technology company DenX Medical Software Systems Ltd. An agreement has been reached with DenX for the distribution DentSim, a dental training simulator that guides trainees in correct drilling techniques.

NSL Consolidated's major customers include private and public hospitals, the general public, GPs and other health professionals. Major competitors are various other biotechnology companies distributing various medical products.The two producing iron ore projects, Kuja and Mangal, are located in the South Eastern Province of Andhra Pradesh, India. NSL has acquired the extraction and selling rights to both Projects after conducting a due diligence process on the Projects.

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  • Metals and Mining

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NSL Consolidated Head Office
Mezzanine Level, 35-37 Havelock Street,
Phone: 08 9322 5562
Fax: 08 9322 5563

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