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Norwood Abbey (NAL) operates in the medical industry and it develops and markets innovative medical projects and technologies with a focus on drug delivery and other therapies. NAL was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 2nd August, 2000.

Norwood’s operating divisions include Devices and Immunology. The Devices division includes manufacturing and sale of medical devices. Immunology division develops products that boost the immune system of humans. This technology can be used in nearly all diseases that affect the human immune system such as cancer, viral infections and autoimmune disorders. The Norwood Abbey’s Drug Delivery technology platforms have a number of potential applications ranging from pain management and metabolic diseases to vaccinations and gene therapy. Norwood EyeCare's new innovative Epikeratome System for Epi-LASIK, used in laser vision correction surgery provides significant improvements to patients as compared to present refractive procedures. Norwood EyeCare’s aim is to provide novel solutions for vision correction and it is seeking and researching new approaches relating to the correction of eye diseases.

NAL seeks to identify innovative research projects that are based on both issued patents and patent applications offering attractive market opportunities. Using its business development and management expertise, Norwood aims to develop and commercialise technologies that can create wealth for shareholders. Norwood Abbeyfocuses on forming key strategic associations and collaborations in order to improve patient’s lives. NAL has partnerships with some leading Australian and global clinical research institutions and commercial allies for the development of its technologies targeting some of the most challenging and difficult medical problems.

Norwood Abbey History

Norwood Abbey was created in 1998 with a focus on developing and commercialising medical laser technologies based on electromagnetic and mechanical energy. In 2000, Norwood Abbey acquired US based corporation Transmedica International, Inc, having a portfolio of laser-based drug delivery and body fluid collection technology patents, patent licences and applications. In June 2000, NAL acquired US based Spectral Biosystems, Inc (Spectral), which holds a portfolio of patents and patent applications, complementary to Norwood's technology. In May 2004, the Company obtained the global licence for the Centurion SES™ System and EpiEdge™ (epikeratome separator) along with their related United State Food & Drug Administration and European CE Mark approvals from CIBA Vision. These products form the major elements of the Epi-LASIK technology.

NAL has significant investment and contribution in the research program about the rebuilding of the immune system by rejuvenation of the thymus gland which in turn produces new T cells. This research was conducted by Richard Boyd, an Associate Professor at Melbourne's Monash University. Norwood Abbey established Norwood Immunology division specifically for this project. Norwood Immunology was listed on the AIM exchange in London in July 2004. NAL has a major shareholding in Norwood Immunology, with around 49 million shares in it which represents around 21% of the Company.

Norwood Abbey (NAL) Products and Services

  • Research, product development and marketing of medical products that are based on both issued patents as well as patent applications.

Norwood Abbey (NAL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Norwood Abbey Head Office
Level 1, Suite 5, Dolphin House
405 - 407 Nepean Highway
Frankston, Victoria, 3199, Australia
Phone: (03) 9770 0063
Fax: (03) 9770 0129

Norwood Abbey Subsidiaries

Norwood Immunology, Inc.
Eliza, Inc.
Norwood Lasers U.K.
Sightrate B.V

Other Norwood Abbey Details

Norwood Abbey Year Established: 1998
ACN: 085162456
ABN: 20 085 162 456
Previous Company Names: Norwood Abbey Pty. Ltd

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