eTree Project – Trade Shares, Save Paper, Save the Environment

Submitted by Share Trading on 23 December, 2005 - 13:57

Instead of receiving paper copies for your PDS, reporting and other communication material, using this environmental initiative, you will receive an electronic PDF version of that communication - saving paper and saving the environment. To help out the environment while share trading you are able to sign up to this program through their website.

eTree is a Computershare initiative with Landcare Australia. It is Australia’s first environmental incentive scheme to encourage shareholders to register for electronic communications in return for increased reforestation activities around Australia and New Zealand.

Every time a shareholder registers to receive their shareholder communications electronically at, a donation of up to $2 is made to Landcare Australia. This goes towards specified reforestation projects in the state or territory in which the shareholder lives.

eTree is open to all Australian listed companies, regardless of their size or registry service provider.

The eTree initiative was launched in March 2004 with the support of 14 Foundation members, including some of the biggest listed companies in Australia, by Victoria’s Acting Premier and Minister for Environment the Hon. John Thwaites MP at the Melbourne Museum’s Treetops restaurant.

“We think it’s vital that business leaders join with the community and Government in adopting measures to protect Australia’s environment,”

“The Bracks’ Government believes environmentally-sustainable business practices, such as eTree, are integral to creating a secure future for our families and communities.” Mr Thwaites said.

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