Recent ASX Share Market Movements

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 15 January, 2006 - 20:44

Some news that may explain some recent market movements.

QAN - Qantas: 10.3% International revenue growth almost all yield.
Domestic revenue growth of 14.4% in Nov comes after 6.6%, 13.4%, 17.3% and 14.4% in the prior 4 months.

SGB - St George Bank: looks as if its reached some sort of plateau.

TLS - Still hovering around the $4 mark I see. UBS has a Buy 2 recommendation on Telstra with a target of A$4.55. The battle of pricing between the ACCC and TLS is ongoing. If pricing is accepted watch this beast slowly go up in price...

WBC Westpac - is on a slow charge upwards over the past two months. UBS has a Buy 1 recommendation with a target of A$26.50. Although the stock is not particularly volatile as of late - could be a medium term opportunity.

CBA - nice to see this stock has been on the up and up since September 2005. And still going...

ASX - seems to have a similar uptrend run compared to CBA...

Perhaps I should short sell CBA and ASX if it gives off signals of a downturn... but for now it doesn't really give any clues...

PPT looks like a good deal - I don't think I can afford $70 bucks a share... signs look good though. Macquarie Equities Research have a 12-month price target of $74.50 for this stock... We shall see...

That's it for now.

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