New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks

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Easy to use, and adopted by many successful traders over the years, William Dunnigan's One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Commodities is a robust and reliable mechanical approach to buy/sell decision-making in speculative markets. A rare example of a 'universal' formula, this technique can be applied to almost any stock or commodity market, and requires little more than accurate line and bar charts.

To easily understand New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks & Grains and One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks & Commodities (Traders' Masterclass) we have to understand the author's ambition to develop a complete trading system which gave exact buy/sell signals for stocks or commodities, which was mechanical in all its applications, and which didn't require the user to make any mental decisions. This pair of classic works, from master-analyst William Dunnigan, introduces and applies the renowned "one-way formula"--a complete technical trading system for stocks or commodities.

Positive Review of Book

The best method I have ever tried for a position trader. Works best with high liquidity stocks and stock indexes on weekly data. Use ADX 14 and 20 MA to confirm the personal. On stock index (S&P 500 and Ridex funds for the short part)I enter with a 1/4 at personal if confirmed. This is a must buy text book. How come nobody says anything abot this method in any other books I've read or seminars attended. One of the best secrets kept together with "The Taylor Trading Technique" by George D. Taylor or "Steidlmayer on Markets last few pages. Good trading!

Negative Review of Book

Somewhat obsolete now, but certainly an epic book when it was written. I can see elements of LBR, Victoria Pearson and Joe Ross from this book and it's fairly obvious they were influenced from it. Lots of very basic, logical price action and even the most experienced trader can pick up a few things here and there.

Author Biography

WILLIAM DUNNIGAN To our knowledge the greater part of William Dunnigan's life was dedicated to a close association with stock and commodity markets and what makes them tick technically. Technical Analysis was extremely important in his life as it was in this field of endeavor where he eventually decided lay the keys to the exploration of the interacting forces of time and price movements. His prowess as a market researcher and the many papers he produced on his findings, we know, earned him the respect of his peers, a thing he appreciated. His finest writings can be found in the last two books he wrote before passing away in 1957—New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains, 1956 and One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Commodities, 1957.

Table of Contents

  1. New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains (1956)
    • Part I: Little Lessons
    • Part II: Background to Trading
    • Part III: Blueprints for the Stock Market
    • Part IV: Gains in Grains
  2. One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Commodities (1957)
    • Part I: One-Way Formula for Trading in Stocks and Grains
    • Part II: Trading in Commodities with One-Way Formula
  3. Appendix: Dunnigan's Coaching Reports

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