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Namoi Cotton Co-Operative (NAM) is one of Australia's largest cotton organisations with an extensive network of ginning, marketing and logistics operations. Namoi Cotton operates 14 cotton gins throughout New South Wales and southern Queensland and has three warehouse complexes located at Wee Waa and Warren in New South Wales and Goondiwindi in Queensland.

NAM was established under the NSW Co-Operatives Act in 1962, one year after the first cotton crop was harvested in the Wee Waa region of the Namoi Valley. NAM built its first gin at Wee Waa in 1963. It listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in April 1998. A corporate restructure occurred ahead of this listing. It entailed the cancellation of existing shares held by grower members and the issue of new grower shares and co-op units (known as Namoi Capital Stock). The latter Capital Stock are now listed on the ASX.

NAM offers the investor exposure to the Australian cotton industry. It has no overseas operations. Its profits are tied to volumes ginned and marketed. NAM currently gins 25% of the Australian cotton crop each year. Since it has no overseas operations, NAM is affected by interest rates only to the extent it affects their competitivity with foreign-based producers.

Namoi Cotton Co-Operative's customers from a supplier perspective are cotton growers, mainly located in NSW, although NAM also has a small presence in QLD. Cotton growers generally sell or market their cotton through NAM in return for ginning and marketing, both of which attract fees. Its marketing customer base is geographically diverse, with a large number of clients domiciled in Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. Competitors include other cotton organisations such as Queensland Cotton.

Namoi Cotton Co-Operative (NAM) Products and Services

  • Primarily involved in the ginning and marketing of cotton

Namoi Cotton Co-Operative (NAM) Locations and Subsidiaries

Namoi Cotton Co-Operative Head Office
Pilliga Road, WEE WAA, NSW,
Phone: (07) 4631 6100
Fax: (07) 4631 6184

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