My Share Trading Revolution

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 15 January, 2006 - 13:05

Share Trading deals with money. You can lose a bit of your money or all of your capital in on hit.

There's going to be a shift in purpose of this website. In short this website will transform into a blog of my trading. Trading any type of equity that I find interesting be it oil, metals, forex, derivatives or shares. There is so much information out there that I don't think I can keep up with all the markets news. Actually it's an impossibility that I can keep up with all the news of the markets unless I own a media channel in TV or print like Bloomberg or the financial newspapers to keep news fresh and up to date.

News information - you can't have enough of it when you are trading yet you can't keep track of every piece of information that comes through. And sometimes you are looking for some piece of information and can't find it. Give up on following news I say - track the charts - they'll tell you what you need to do in your share trading activities.

I could post up every piece of information in the world - but what good would that do me? Nothing. I setup this website to have some source of information I can refer to from any computer I 'm using but I don't think that the concept is working for me. So instead I've decided to use it as a recording device for my activities, to be able to reflect about my trading and perhaps to have my 'peers' judge my trading and have some sort of forum of what other traders are up to. I'm still going to post trading news stories - but only short and quick updates and none of the bloated information that you don't really need.

I am NOT a professional adviser and I'm not affiliated with any financial institution. As you read through my website note that once I've posted the information - the second its online - its already old news. Markets can move quickly so take market timing seriously. I do not advise you to follow in my footsteps and replicate my methodologies and trading choices. I have my own personal goals that fit my personal circumstances and financial goals that I work towards to accomplish them.

You may use this website as 'edutainment'. That is - education and entertainment. Be entertained by the rise and climax of earnings; laugh at my silly mistakes, take a lesson from those mistakes and get excited by new methods that work.

Trading deals with money. You can lose a bit of your money or all of your capital in on hit. Let that fact humble you in your choices. Since its only money, don't let it play with your emotions, feelings and dreams. Money can be lost and be earned back. Use share trading as a financial vehicle to get you where you need to go and not some sorry excuse for gambling. Remember these pillars of faith in your trading and perhaps your odds for succeeding will increase.

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