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Murchison Holdings (MCH)'s principal activities include trading in shares and securities; provision of finance, administrative and securities settlement agency services; stockbroking; and provision of nominee services. MCH is a Victoria-based company that was first listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 30 June 1975. It was renamed to its current name from Murchison Central Mines Limited (MUR) on 15 December 1983.

The company aims to achieve growth through diversification in its investment strategy. It has entered into a partnership with Toptrend-Meta Information (Shenzhen) Inc to finance the procurement of raw materials to manufacture and assembler cordless/ wireless phone sets. MCH's customers include general investors and fund managers. It competes with other investment companies.

During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, the Company was engaged in investments, which included investments in marketable securities; stock broking, which included provision of share trading services to clients; venture capital investment, which involved investments in companies suitable for eventual floatation on stock exchanges; sourcing and distribution, which included the provision of sourcing and distribution of consumer electronic products, and telecom business, which included the provision of communication services to clients. The Company operates in two segments: investments, which are invested in marketable securities and stock broking, which provides share trading services to clients. The Company’s business segments are located in Australia, with the investments and stock broking division also having operations in the Australia and Hong Kong.

Murchison Holdings (MCH) Products and Services

  • Trading in shares & securities; provision of finance, administrative & securities settlement agency services; stockbroking; nominee services; and merchant banking and venture capital activities with particular interest in the technology, transport, resources, land management and finance sectors.

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Murchison Holdings Head Office
Level 2, 11 Queens Road, MELBOURNE,
Phone: (03) 9867 7033
Fax: (03) 9502 4611

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