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MMC Contrarian (MMA) is a listed investment company, relying on the investment decisions from MMC Asset Management (a boutique funds manager) and HGL Ltd (an investment company listed under ASX code HNG). The focus is on capital preservation and long-term growth, and MMA invests primarily in other companies listed on the ASX.

MMA listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in late 2003, relying on the investment decisions from MMC Asset Management and HGL Ltd. HGL Ltd was incorporated in 1904 and owns a number of investments where they have an active involvement. MMC has been a fund manager since 1994.

MMC Contrarian's differentiating factor is its style of investment where its looks for contrarian value and tries to have a proactive involvement in its investments. It looks mainly where companies are undervalued due to short term or sentiment issues, and HNG looks to offer advice to companies based on their experience. MMA has a strong philosophy of capital preservation and invests primarily in ASX listed securities. It is happy to hold cash if attractive investments are not available.

Small share funds, institutions and retail investors are the major shareholders/customers of listed investment companies. There is substantial cross ownership within the listed investment company sector. Listed competitors include other listed investment companies and trusts, pooled development funds, exchange-traded funds and absolute return funds. Unlisted competitors are primarily managed funds products distributed through financial planners.

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  • The Company's principal activities are that of an integrated financial services company with a focus on the wealth management industry.

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MMC Contrarian Head Office
Suite 2, Level 24, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square,
Phone: (02) 9224 0700
Fax: (02) 9233 2275

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